Unisoc Releases its Second-Generation 5G Chip Platforms

Updated:2021/12/30 14:27

Unisoc held an online press conference themed with “5G for the people” on December 27 and announced its second-generation 5G chip platforms Tanggula T770 and Tanggula T760 had achieved mass production.

Chu Qing, CEO of Unisoc, said Unisoc upgraded itself in terms of semiconductor and communication and rose to the first echelon of global advanced technologies by the mass production of the second-generation 5G chip platforms. As the first 6nm 5G chip platform in the world which has been successfully returned, its performance has been increased by more than 100% than the first generation, its integration level has been improved by more than 100% and supports 5G R16, 5G slice and other forefront communication technologies.

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