China¡¯s 5G MMW Chip Development Succeeded

Updated:2020/6/16 23:43

Nanjing Purple Mountain Network Communications and Security Laboratory has completed the development of CMOS MMW full integration chip with phased array of 4-channel, as well as its packaging and testing, with the cost of each channel decreased from RMB 1,000 to RMB 20. Meanwhile, the chip and the MMW large-scale active antenna array in which 1,024 channel antenna units are packaged are intended to be widely applied for commercial use for 5G system in 2022.

As the core of high capacity 5G mobile communication, the MMW chip monopolized by foreign countries for long is always the most weakness of China. Now, the success of China’s 5G MMW chip development will thoroughly break the foreign monopoly to boost the commercial use of 5G MMW.

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