China Will Play Catch-up in Future Network

Updated:2017/3/6 15:45

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Liu Yunjie noted at Network Power & Real Economy Forum on March 3 that the core technologies of the Internet are vital to China, which will cause great risk if it was controlled by foreign countries. It is entirely possible, he thought, for China to seize the initiative to overtake other countries in terms of the future network.

The Internet is facing challenges of extensibility, security, mobility and controllability, according to him. That is high speed, great stream and low latency for new services including 4K/8K and VR/AR, and deep integration between Internet and the real economy, which the developed nations are driving to command the heights of the development.

Mr. Liu believed that the future network needs government's leadership and encouragement. China's three major operators are making arrangements - China Mobile has put forward its next-generation network vision NovoNet, China Telecom Announced the network architecture CTNet2025 and China Unicom released CUBENet2.0.

Liu defined the future network as "always online", safe, trustworthy network with high throughput, low latency, low power consumption, mass interconnection and autonomous operation & maintenance.

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