MTK's Response to the Rumour of the US' Clamping down: Fabricate out of Thin Air

Updated:2020/7/14 23:55

Reported by Taiwan media, it is said that Huawei will have a bulk purchasement of 5G chips from MTK, which draws the US' attention. The US requires Taiwan economic sector to persuade for a reduction of MTK's supply.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm has submitted an application to the US government for an expectation to resume supply.

Taiwan economic sector conveys that it has not received such requirements from the US. Local governments call on dealers to focus on related regulations of the US Ministry of Commerce, don't condemn yourself personally! If there is any doubt, the corporations to the US will investigate on that.

MTK conveys that it's reluctant to give a response of "No Comment" to such groundless information.

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