BeiDou End Satellite Was Launched Successfully

Updated:2020/6/25 20:25

At 9:43 am on June 23, the last satellite of BeiDou-3 Global Satellite Navigation System was successfully launched, which also marks the completion of the constellation deployment of BeiDou-3 Global Satellite Navigation System, and will further broaden the global service application scenarios of BeiDou.

BeiDou-3 Global Satellite Navigation System consists of three types of satellites in different orbits, the Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite, Inclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO) satellite and Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellite, which includes 24 MEO satellites, 3 IGSO satellites and 3 GEO satellites.

The service capability of Beidou-3 has been expanded 10 times of Beidou-2. In the fields of communication, electricity, finance, surveying and mapping, transportation, fishery, agriculture, forestry, more of the public will benefit from the service of BeiDou navigation system.

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