Qualcomm: 3D Ultrasonic Wave as the Ace Fingerprint Recognition Technology

Updated:2019/12/6 23:55

At the high-profile 4th Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, Qualcomm rolled out the ground-breaking 3D ultrasonic wave fingerprint recognition technology, 3D Sonic Max. The new product is able to recognize an area 16 times larger than its previous version and could identify two fingerprints at the same time, making it safer and easier to unlock the devices.

According to Keith Kressin, senior vice-president of Product Management with Qualcomm, the 3D Sonic Max is superior to the optical fingerprint recognition technology in many ways. For one thing, it is safer. The ultrasonic wave fingerprint can penetrate thicker glass and allow under-screen recognition. For the other, 3D Sonic Max generates the 3D image of the fingerprints while the optical fingerprint recognition technology can only generate the 2D image, which makes it possible to unlock the mobile phones with pictures and therefore not as safe. Also, Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Max distinguishes the human skin from the forged rubberized fingerprints.

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