Coolpad Withdraws Patent Infringement Lawsuits against Xiaomi

Updated:2020/11/11 13:33

Coolpad released an official statement yesterday, saying that it decided to voluntarily terminate a series of patent infringement lawsuits against Xiaomi and withdraw the ongoing cases.

According to Coolpad, “We are deeply aware that the country’s development is still in a period of important strategic opportunities, with the domestic and international environment undergoing profound and complex changes. Breaking through technological bottlenecks and promoting the industry’s better and faster development is the top priority for technology companies including Coolpad and Xiaomi.”

Coolpad also added that it would carry out various forms of technical exchanges and cooperation with great companies inside and outside the industry. Furthermore, it would respect technological innovation and intellectual property rights, practice the principle of “technological self-reliance and self-improvement” until it takes root, and work jointly to create cheery industry prospects.

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