4G Mobile Phone Shipment Reached 40.39 Million in China in November

Updated:2017/12/12 13:32

According to the China Mobile Phone Market Report in November 2017 published by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, 4G mobile phone shipment was 40.392 million with a YoY decrease of 21.5%, accounting for 93.4% of total mobile phone shipments in November; the 4G devices were of 52 new models, which fell by 40.2% compared to last year and accounted for 67.5% of total new models. From January to November, the vendors introduced 753 4G mobile phone models in total, while the shipments were 422 million, down by 33.5% and 8.1% than last year, respectively.

In terms of the mentioned 4G mobile phones, whole network supporting devices accounted for 92.2%. Judging from the network types that the 4G mobile phones support FDD, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and CDMA2000, and accounted for 98.4%, 99.6%, 98.2% and 92.4% respectively.

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