China's Mobile Phone Shipments in August Down 13.3%

Updated:2017/9/11 14:07

Statistics from CAITC(China Academy of Information and Communications Technology) showed that there were 41.226 million mobile phones shipped in China in August, dropping 13.3 percent, and 90 new models released, a 25.6 percent decline from one year earlier.

There were 36.85 million smartphones shipped with 67 new models, decling 17.1 percent, accounting for 89.4 percent of the total.

In spite of 66 new models released, 4G cellphone shipments decreased 16.7 percent to 36.956 million, accounting for 89.6 percent.

Representing 92.4 percent of the total in China during the period, China's domestic-brand handset shipments fell 14.8 percent to 38.11 million with 78 new models.

During the first eight months, the handset shipments were down 8.3 percent to 323 million in China while the new models dropped 31.4 percent to 700 compared with the same period of last year.

There were 303 million smartphones shipped in China with a 7.4 percent YoY decline, representing 93.9 percent of the total.

The shipments of 4G handset dropped 6.7 percent to 304 million YoY, accounting for 94.2 percent of the total while 561 new models of domestic-brand were released, which decreased 36 percent year over year.

Falling 7.7 percent YoY, China's domestic-brand handset shipments hit 293 million with 653 new models coming out, accounting for 90.8 percent.

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