Huawei's View on Metaverse: Emphasis on Its Value in ToB Scenarios

Updated:2022/4/29 14:23

When asked about Metaverse at the recent Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2022, Ken Hu, Huawei's Rotating Chairman, stated that Metaverse is a hotly debated topic and publicity stunts are organized around the globe to attract people's attention to the concept.

According to Hu, Huawei is a technology-oriented company and they will stay calm with regard to the publicity stunts. He emphasized that it's necessary to see the nature of the buzz concept beneath the surface before getting fully prepared for new challenges.

Hu also pointed out that Metaverse is essentially the convergence of physical and digital worlds. In the future, metaverse technology will likely show greater value in ToB businesses than in ToC ones, which should be attached more emphasis. For Huawei, metaverse technology might offer excellent potential for the development of the firm's Huawei Cloud, terminal services and other sectors.

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