Huawei to Launch Developer Program 2021

Updated:2021/4/26 13:29

Zhang Ping’an, President of Huawei Cloud BU, announced a $220-million investment in its Developer Program 2021 at HDC. 2021 held yesterday.

As a major measure to enable Huawei’s developers, Developer Program was initiated in 2015. In Developer Program 2021, three sub programs are included, namely Kun Peng Program, Sheng Teng Incentive Program and Huawei Cloud Innovation Program.

Especially, Kun Peng and Sheng Teng cover a total of more than 500 tasks, providing an incentive funding of over $20 million, which will, on the one hand, integrate intelligences and strengths of the industry in the joint development of accelerator library, fundamental operators and internet models and on the other hand, promote the development of diversified computing industry and artificial intelligence ecology.

Huawei Cloud Innovation Program is designed for SaaS partners with innovation capacity and ISV partners in the progress of helping their customers’ digital transformation. With the support of learning, construction and marketing, they will soon be able to facilitate the progress of customer digital transformation and smart upgrading.

“In 2021, it is our sincerest hope to dig deeper in technology integration together with developers on the platform of Huawei Cloud. Only through technology integration, can we help our partners to achieve fast business growth and help customers achieve continual business success together with our partners and developers” Said Zhang.

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