Huawei Replies to a British 5G Ban: The Move Will Reduce Britain¡¯s Development Level

Updated:2020/7/15 23:50

To a British ban on Huawei from participating in the country’s 5G construction, Huawei replied that it is bad news for all British mobile phone users. The ban will not improve and will instead reduce Britain’s development level. The firm will urge the British government to reconsider the decision. It also claimed America’s new measures of control will not affect its supply of durable and safe products to Britain.

The British government made a decision on Tuesday local time that the country’s mobile service suppliers will be banned from purchasing new Huawei 5G devices after December 31 this year and must remove all Huawei 5G devices from their network before 2027.

Huawei pointed out that in face of the complicated external environment, open cooperation and mutual trust of the global industry chain become increasingly important. No matter what difficulties it may suffer, the company will be committed to performing its obligations to clients and suppliers. It will work hard to survive and develop so as to contribute its own share to the development of global digital economy, science and technology.

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