Nansha Port in Guangzhou Starts Building 5G Smart Ports for Use in 2021

Updated:2019/12/10 09:53

The plan for Guangzhou Port's "Internet + Smart Port Logistics Service Demonstration Project" was completed and accepted without a hitch. Guangzhou Port is speeding up the construction of the first fully automated terminal in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is planned to complete construction and put the terminal into use in 2021. It is reported that Guangzhou Port signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Huawei. Huawei is helping Guangzhou Port design high-level smart ports. Huawei is dedicated to building a vehicle-road collaboration platform with 5G technologies, setting a new model for smart port transportation.

Guangzhou Port Group announced that the "Internet + Smart Port Logistics Service Demonstration Project" is one of the first in a batch of smart port demonstration projects from the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China. In addition to a big data center, Guangzhou Port has built six platforms, such as the integrated commissioning and command platform for port production, online dynamic monitoring platform for dangerous cargo in ports, and the Internet Plus-based container logistics information platform. These platforms have been accepted and are becoming a new benchmark for the construction of smart ports in China.

Using the Next-generation IoT Sensor Technology

Nansha Port will use advanced technologies, such as next-generation IoT sensors, big data analysis, and AI, to build a smart, environmentally friendly, power saving, automated terminal. The terminal uses applications such as intelligent guided vehicles (IGVs) and fully-automated or remotely-operated container cranes.

It is reported that two 100,000-tonnage and two 50,000-tonnage container berths and auxiliary berths for container barges are also planned in Nansha Port. The annual throughput is designed to support 4.8 million standard containers, and project investment has nearly reached 7 billion CNY. According to the project schedule, phase four is planned for completion and will be put into use in 2021.

New Highly-replicable Platform Driving the Upgrade of Huangpu Port

Song Xiaoming, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Port Group, said "The automated terminal in Nansha Port's plan will be the first automated unmanned terminal in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. As a pilot project, it is of great strategic significance to the transformation and upgrade of Huangpu Port in Guangzhou. We have signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Huawei, a leading 5G technology company, to help us design high-level 5G smart ports."

Huawei has been conducting a series of joint innovation and testing in Ningbo Port, Qingdao Port, Yangshan Port, and Guangzhou Port. Huawei has comprehensively explored 5G application in ports, land, and sea areas, accelerating the development of 5G ports in Guangzhou Port and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Bao Haisen, director of Huawei's Strategy & Business Development Dept, Wireless Network, said that Huawei has been engaged in the digital and automated construction of more than 30 ports in the transportation industry for 20 years. Huawei has built a vehicle-road collaboration system for Nansha Port in Guangzhou, which uses wireless communication technologies and sensor technologies to obtain real-time information about vehicles and roads. Information is shared and exchanged between vehicles and vehicles, and between vehicles and infrastructure, achieving cooperative intelligent decision-making and control of vehicles and roads, and improving transport efficiency and driving safety. The ultimate goal is to achieve level-4 automated driving. It is believed that the collaboration of the 5G network and vehicle-road system will become the next research hotspot, and that port automation and intelligence will rise to a new level.

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