Huawei solemnly declares its opposition to the foul deeds of the United States

Updated:2019/9/4 18:04

The Wall Street Journal reported on August 30 that the US Department of Justice conducted a criminal investigation into the so-called stealing of trade secrets against Huawei. In response to Oliveira and other events mentioned in this report, as well as the recent investigations carried out by the US government, Huawei made a solemn statement.

Huawei pointed out that all the so-called criminal cases charged by the United States do not involve any core technology, and there is not enough facts and evidence to support their allegations. The purpose of these foul deeds taken by the US government is nothing more than to discredit Huawei as a company developed through the theft of others' trade secrets, to suppress and contain Huawei's global leadership.

“No company in the world can become the world's leading high-tech company through ‘theft’”, the statement reiterated.

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