Source Photonics Demonstrates the Industry-First XGS-PON N2 OLT at OFC 2017

Updated:2017/3/23 11:03

Source Photonics, a leading provider of broadband access optical components and modules, will demonstrate its recently announced[Can we hyperlink these words to a link to our last press release?] industry-first XGS-PON N2 OLT optical module at OFC 2017 in Los Angeles, CA. Source Photonics’ XGS-PON optical transceiver module aims to offer a universal upgrade path from existing GPON networks to next generation high speed XGS-PON networks delivering multi-gigabit services to businesses and residences.

Source Photonics’ XGS-PON N2 OLT in the XFP form factor meets the N2 class maximum optical link budget set in the XGS-PON standard G.9807.1, providing 9.953Gbps downstream and 9.953Gbps upstream data rate and supporting a 1:64 split ratio for 20km links. The company’s leading optical and electrical design capabilities have enabled the integration of a 1577nm EML laser transmitter and a burst mode 1270nm APD receiver with micro-optic WDM filters to provision a single-fiber, dual-wavelength upgrade and overlay pathway for migration of existing class B+ and C+ GPON networks to XGPON and XGS-PON.  

Source Photonics will demonstrate the downstream optical power of the OLT optical module at more than 5dBm with uplink sensitivity at -30dBm at 1x10^-3. The module’s performance satisfies the N2 class specification requirements of XGSPON ITUT G.9807.1 protocol of 31dB link budget.

The XGS-PON N2 OLT will begin sampling in March 2017 and will be available for production in Q3 2017. To see the live product demonstration of the industry-first XGS-PON, please visit us at OFC on March 21-23, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, booth number 3011.

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