CBN: 1.26 Million 5G Base Stations Accessed to the 5G Core Network

Updated:2023/1/5 16:13

CBN lately released the CBN Whitepaper on 5G Smartphones (2023 Edition) .

It is indicated in the Whitepaper that for wireless network coverage, over 3.6 million 4G/5G base stations have been accessed to CBN's 5G core network till December 2022, including roughly 2.34 million 4G base stations and 1.26 million 5G base stations. CBN is ranked top of the country by the number of deployable 4G/5G base stations. The mobile carrier has mounted all 5G base stations, alongside approximately 2.34 million 4G base stations, as specified in the agreement on joint contribution and shared benefits inked earlier with China Mobile.

The Whitepaper also announces CBN's plan to put forth effort in network coverage, communication experience, and featured service provision under the framework of joint contribution and shared benefits, with a view to the commercialization of 5G networks in 2023. Apart from continuous support to 5G terminals with high bandwidth of 700MHz, VoNR HD voice feature, IMS landline service, 5G new call feature, RedCap, R16 new feature, NTN integration, and other commercial features, CBN will carry out industrial promotion and pre-commercialization using R17 multicast/broadcast technology.

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