Chinaí»s Three Carriers Reporting 2020í»s Opening Data

Updated:2021/2/23 09:35

With the Chinese New Year holiday coming to a close, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom have reported their first month’s operating data after resuming work in 2021.

On mobile users, all the three carriers have stopped falling and are on the mend. On 4G users, China Mobile and China Unicom have performed well, more than doubling their December figures. On broadband users, not surprisingly, China Mobile has been leading the way, China Telecom has been average, and China Unicom has experienced a long-absent positive growth.

The game changer is that China Telecom had over ten million new subscribers to its 5G service for the first time, crushing China Mobile with 10.67 million subscribers that nearly triple its net increase; with its 5G subscribers expected to exceed 100 million next month, China Telecom will become the second-largest carrier in China and the world.

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