China Mobile: Nuisance Calls Intercepted 25.3 Billion Times

Updated:2019/12/9 18:36

Today in Chinese Network Security Industry Development Summit Forum in 2018, Li Huidi, deputy president of China Mobile says that up to November this year, China Mobile has handled 4.1 billion spam messages, 108 million times of international scam calls, 25.3 billion times of nuisance calls and blocked hundreds of thousands of offensive websites.

With the approaching of 5G era, he considers the development of 5G has been raised to the national security strategy level. The competition of 5G is not only among enterprises, what is more, it involves the competition for leading role in the network security in China in the future.

Li Huadi says given the mixed features of 5G security, it will be difficult for operators to rely only on its own and synergy of parties in the industry chain is required.

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