Once Licensed, China Tower Will Be Able to Build a Nationwide 5G Network within 3 Years

Updated:2018/9/29 10:32

At a forum held by PT EXPO CHINA 2018 on September 27(Beijing Time), Gu Xiaomin, Deputy GM of China Tower, said that up to now, China Tower has invested 150 billion yuan and constructed 1.92 million communication towers on demand of the three major operators to promote the development of 4G networks. Since its operation in 2015, China Tower has construted 1.92 million communication towers for the three major operators, helping them nearly double their site scale.

Gu added that the sharing rate of communication towers in China has increased by 70% from less than 20% and the number of communication towers as repeated construction has decreased by 640,000, saving CNY 114.8 billion.

At the same time, China Tower pays particular attention to the western region. With 70% new communication tower built in rural and township sites and CNY 84 billion invested over the past three years, sites growth in 12 western provinces is higher than the national average.

As China Tower has 15,000 employees, the number of sites managed by each employee has reached an average of 125, far exceeding 30 in American.

“Once the 5G license is issued, China Tower will be able to help operators build a nationwide 5G network within two to three years and significantly reduce investment costs through the full use of existing sites and social resources,” Gu said.

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