China Unicom Intends to Purchase CDN Software from CITC

Updated:2018/4/8 13:40

According to China Unicom, the company intends to purchase one set of operation management software and one set of scheduling software from China Information Technology Designing & Consulting Institute (CITC) in a single source purchase mode, the purchase budget is of CNY 5.5 million (excluding tax).

In order to improve core competitiveness of its subsidiaries and branch companies, enhance the company's Internet-based operation and iterative development level, China Unicom’s DCI SDN, DDoS and other projects have been commissioned by CITC. As a subsidiary of China Unicom, CITC has conducted project construction of network related supporting systems and accumulated rich project development experience. At present, CITC has formed specialized personnel reserves in network and system development, making it capable of undertaking customized development of CDN national operation management and scheduling software, as well as guaranteeing continuous iterative development work.

After years of development, CDN has been widely used in global networks as a mature technology. China Unicom and the other two operators have obtained CDN licenses in 2017, but limited by the business characteristics and regulatory permission, the current CDN is mainly used in serving their own IPTV business, other services such as OTT, web acceleration and file downloading are not supported yet. Due to the sensitivity of IPTV service content and the closure of channels, China Unicom CDN is still in the tight coupling state of software, hardware, platform and device, forming a closed single-business serving system. The system's capacity is scattered in different provinces and cannot be used effectively.

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