China's Communication Service Company Revenue CNY44.888 Billion in 1H17

Updated:2017/9/18 14:00

China's Communication Service Co., Ltd has announced the financial results of the first half of 2017 recently.

It shows that the company achieved revenue of CNY44.888 billion with an increase of 6.4 percent; Its gross profit climbed 5.9 percent to CNY5.79 billion and its net profit was up 5.9 percent to CNY1.469 billion. A 16 percent decrease happened to its free cash flow which reached CNY2.02 billion.

During the first half, the commodity distribution business revenue fell 30 percent while the core telecommunications infrastructure services and application were up 12 percenting, resulting revenue of CNY41.1 billion. The latter brought operation revenue of CNY24.1 billion, up 11 percent.

China Telecom, accounting for 40.7 percent of the total, brought revenue of CNY18.3 billion which increased 11.2 percent. The total revenue of other Chinese operators rose 6.3 percent to CNY11.5 billion.

China's Communication Service Co., Ltd ranked No. 79 in the Fortune 500 in China in 2017.

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