China's Fiber Broadband Users Make up 81% of Fixed Broadband Users

Updated:2017/8/25 16:11

China Internet industry development trend and prosperity index report was released at the China Internet Company Development Forum on August 24.

China's Internet users exceeded 750 million by the end of June, mobile broadband users surpassed 1 billion, fixed broadband access users reached 320 million, according to the report.

It also said that China's broadband network has been accelerating the upgrade toward all-optical network this year, and had 34.06 million kilometers of fiber optic cables in China in the first half, advancing 23.3 percent year over year.

The fiber ports hit 600 million, accounting for 81 percent of the total broadband access ports (740 million), 5.4 percent higher compared with the end of last year.

Optical network has basically covered the prefecture-level cities with access capability of over 100M.

China's fixed broadband users increased 15.7 percent to 320 million by the end of June with penetration of 23.3%, rising 1.7 percent from the end of 2016.

Fiber broadband users were up 32.893 million to 260 million, accounting for 81 percent of the fixed broadband users, taking the global leader place of Japan and Korea by the percentage of fiber broadband users.

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