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China Unicom A Shares Suspended, Mixed-Ownership May Announced

Updated:2017/4/5 18:11

China Unicom suspended trading in A shares on April 5 for "important matters not announced".

The suspension may be mixed-ownership-reform related. On March 31, China's National Development and Reform Commission announced mixed-ownership reform improvements in central state-owned enterprises in telecom and civil aviation industries and the reform schedule will be rearranged which is expected to completely come out in May or June this year.

China Unicom has reported the mixed-ownership-reform plan before, waiting for the Chinese government to approve, according to China Unicom Chairman Wang Xiaochu.

The capital market is highly bullish on prospects for mixed-ownership reform of China Unicom. China Unicom's Hong Kong stock went up, rising 4.42 percent on April 3, and its A share price has bottomed out and increased 100 percent to CNY7.47.

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