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Huawei: operators are the most preferred partners in developing enterprise cloud service

Updated:2015/9/21 10:23

"We always believe that operators are the most preferred partners in our mutual development and carrying enterprise cloud services”, the Huawei Rotating CEO Eric Xu said on last Friday.

On July 30th, Huawei released the enterprise cloud service and caused different responses inside the industry. Eric Xu pointed out on the HCC 2015, independent development of public cloud services is not Huawei's choice, because “only by combining the operators’ computer rooms, networks, user resources and brand advantages with Huawei’s full set of software and hardware cloud service solutions, can we find an effective cooperation mode, and win the competitors in this market".

Huawei believes that the public cloud service market is a new incremental market, and it is still in the initial phase. The future of public cloud service is a market for the coexistence of multiple players and is of vast development space. Internet companies are the largest players at present, and more and more companies will actively participate in. Huawei's enterprise cloud service focus on the IT cloud servicing capabilities and will not intervene into the traditional IDC business areas; in the process of developing enterprise cloud service, Huawei is willing to share its own practices with the operators without any difference and help them to make expansion in this market.

Huawei's attitude and action has touched the operators and reached consensus with the Deutsche Telekom and China Telecom in promoting the development of public cloud service. In the future, Huawei will choose the operators having the willingness and abilities to cooperate in different regions and countries, jointly providing high-quality cloud service for the enterprises.

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