Closer IoT Industry Cooperation Under Large Connections Strategy

Updated:2017/3/3 17:17

At MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2017 in Barcelona, more intelligent cars and home products caught the eye of countless users.

Communication operators and vendors, IT equipment suppliers, software companies and Internet enterprises are eager to compete in the market worth trillions of renminbi with hundreds of billions of connections. To seize the market, these enterprises displayed many novelty products as their bread and butter at the congress, among which the cooperation becomes closer in the IoT industry.

In recent years, IoT technologies gradually mature, and with a variety of sensors used in traditional equipments, the data-centered world is being constructed, reinforcing a trend toward autonomous connection between different devices.

Statistics from Gartner shows that the global IoT devices will reach 26 billion by 2020, and the IoT market is expected to hit 1.9 trillion dollars by then. The whole telecommunication industry is seeking new profit growth points due to the decreasing profit brought by traditional telecom services, which is Internet of Things undoubtedly for the carriers.

At MWC 2017, China Mobile and Ericsson together developed the network slices and demonstrated 5G intelligent factory prototype by using 5G core network technologies.

And many other telecom operators have demonstrated other application of cellular Internet of Things based on Cat-M1 and NB-IoT with their partners, such as smart city, fleet management, intelligent building and intelligent agriculture.

Internet of Everything let the equipment manufactures explore their own advantages and create more possibilities for the future for IoT, and meanwhile, the upcoming 5G will take better advantage of the IoT industry.

In fact, the Internet of Things is with multiple standards and technologies, which obstructed its development. Thus to speed up the popularization of IoT, the industry should unify IoT standards and open interfaces, which helps it achieve systematization and benefit everyone.

The boom MWC 2017 is going on, and World Mobile Congress Shanghai 2017 is about to kick off at the end of June this year, which will be themed with "the Human Element" and focus on how mobile technologies innovate and improve our daily life, including interconnected cars, wearable technologies, mobile payment and smart city.

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