Zhang Jin: Lower 5G Network Building and Energy Cost Based on 5G Broadcast Network Built

Updated:2020/9/30 18:01

According to Zhang Jin, a researcher from Industrial Planning Department, China Center for International Economic Exchanges, by building a 5G broadcast network, China may lower 5G network building and energy cost. In investment, it is reckoned that cost of building 5G broadcast network base stations will account for 1% of that of building 5G communication networks with expectable market effects and value. Despite great prospects in 5G broadcast, there are many challenges to be addressed through multi-sector collaboration.

As 5G broadcast technology is duly initiated into 3GPP international specifications, broadcast services will be enabled for subscribers via mobile phone and other mobile terminals. Based on more than 7,000 radio & television transmission tower resources nationwide, full radio & television signal coverage of 5G mobile phones will come true.

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