Pilot SPN Tests will be Launched at Scale,5G Transmission is Ready!

Updated:2018/9/11 15:01

Recently, CIOE2018 was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Cheng Weiqiang, deputy director of the Institute of Network and IT Technology of China Mobile Communication Research Institute, attended the "SPN- Starting a 5G Bearing New Era" forum and said that the SPN interconnection was fully opened and the 5G transmission has been Ready!

Cheng Weiqiang said that SPN mainly faced with the entire transport network. The urgent demand of 5G and the next generation transport network, as well as the development of technology,constitute the two driving force of SPN.

Cheng Weiqiang said SPN optical control surface and software should introduce native SDN control surface to achieve cross layer integration. This requires SPN not only to inherit the advantages of PTN operation&maintenance and telecommunication protection, but also to enhance business dynamic capability through SDN centralized control surface.

At present,it has formed a good industrial situation for SPN that domestic and foreign manufacturers are widely involved in. Cheng Weiqiang pointed out that China Mobile has completed the construction of the experimental network with the help of the partners in various links of the industrial chain.The SPN pilot project will begin in mid-September for validation of end-to-end key functions and technologies to form end-to-end network capabilities. In 2019, further commercial pilot tests will be carried out at scale.

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