Performance of China's 3 Major Operators in May

Updated:2017/6/21 17:08

China's three state-owned telecom carriers released the operation data in May successively recently.

4G user as a whole grew swiftly with an increasing penetration in China. Among the three state-run operators, China Mobile has added nearly 10 million 4G subscribers in May, up 88 percent compared with the month before; China Unicom has added 5.621 million 4G subscribers, surging to a record high and showing a momentum that it's going to outpace China Telecom in 4G user base.

Fixed broadband subscriber of China Mobile increased 2.4 million during the month while that of China Telecom climbed only 760,000 and that of China Unicom just 51,000, down 214,000 compared with April.

Specifically, China Mobile has added 3.481 million mobile subscribers in May with an 863.4 million addition, including 583.2 million 4G subscribers which increased 9.901 million. Its fixed broadband subscribers were up 2.406 million to 90.48 million.

In May, China Telecom has added 2.97 million mobile subscribers totaling 227 million, including 147 million 4G subscribers with 4.67 million additions. A 760,000 increase happened to its fixed broadband subscribers which reaching 127.29 million. The company's FTTH subscribers have gained a quarterly net growth of 6.07 million hitting 112.06 million by the end of March 2017. It posted a decline of 490,000 in fixed telephone subscribers in May.

China Unicom's 4G subscribers increased 5.621 million to 133 million in May. Its mobile subscribers with expenditure rose 1.053 million to 268 million. Its fixed broadband subscribers were up 51,000 to 76.905 million; its fixed telephone user base was taken to 63.845 million, down 630,000.

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